Monday, March 24, 2008

Cockpit Cowboys

Last week I travelled by US Airways to and from Washington, DC. Today the news services have been reporting that a pilot somehow discharged a pistol in the cockpit of a US Airways flight that was enroute from Denver to Charlotte. Apparently airlines and the government are now allowing pilots and co-pilots to fly armed as a deterrent to armed takeovers while in flight.

Arizona is gun crazy - and, coincidentally, US Airways is an Arizona company. Recently there has been a bill being argued in the state legislature that would allow anyone with a concealed weapons permit to carry weapons in schools - any individual - any school - teachers, administrators, bus drivers, kids. The thought is that some crazy with a grudge against the school bullies would think twice about carrying a weapon to school and opening fire - because everyone would fire back. Never mind that most of these crazies wind up committing suicide anyway. Never mind that when the police arrive everyone would be firing at each other, and the poor police would have no way of knowing the good crazies from the bad crazies.

So, being a good Arizonan, let me put forth this idea. If school cooks, and teachers, and students can arm themselves for protection, shouldn't the same right be available to airline passengers? A plane full of flying lead would teach those suicidal hijackers a thing or two!

The next time I go to Washington, DC, I think I'll take the bus!

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