Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Nathan Bedford Claus

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

Tuesday on the road with Pa Rock.

The day began with chores at The Roost in West Plains, then Rosie and I headed out to Springfield where I had a doctor's appointment.  After that we drove south, past Branson, and into Arkansas where we eventually took a sharp right and headed over to Fayetteville, Arkansas, so that I could glom onto my sister's kids and grandkids for a bit of a delayed Christmas get-together.

I noted three things of interest, at least of interest to me, on the road trip.  First of all, the population sign outside of Branson said that 10,521 individuals lived there.  Hell, most nights they have that many performing on the city's many stages - and cities of 10,000 don't have skylines!  I'm not sure who they were trying to fool, but little Branson has grown considerably since Old Matt lived down the road.

Then, way down in Arkansas I noticed a large vehicle with a Trump-Pence sticker on the rear bumper.  Not wanting to stare at that piece of trash for miles on end, I slowed down and let an eager driver behind me pass so he would be stuck behind the yahoo.  As the guy went around me, I noticed that he, too, had a sticker on his rear bumper - his proclaimed support for Obama and Biden.  I'm sure the guy didn't appreciate the view that he snatched from me!

And finally, a couple of miles outside of Springdale, Arkansas, I came upon a large wooden Santa that was standing out by the road.  The jolly old fellow was unique in that he was draped in a Confederate flag!  Only in Arkansas!

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