Saturday, December 3, 2016

Harrison, Arkansas, Ain't Completely Steeped in Stupid

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

This past May I commented in this space on a billboard that I noticed on the southern edge of Harrison, Arkansas.   The large roadside sign featured a little white girl holding a puppy with a caption saying that:  "It's not RACIST to (heart) Your People."  Below that was a note encouraging travelers to tune into "White Pride Radio" along with the station's call sign.

Yesterday I drove that same road again where I saw a couple of more interesting billboards.  The first, obviously erected by the region's racist elements, said:  "Diversity is a Codeword for #Whitegenocide."  That made me wonder if someone had offed the little white girl with the puppy. Arkansas is, after all, one of those states where almost everybody and their granny carries a gun.

Then, a little further into town, there was a second billboard whose function seemed to be to negate the hate expressed in the first sign.  The second billboard read:  "Diversity is a Codeword for Salvation."

It's good to know that there are some real Christians living around Harrison - at least enough to erect a billboard and to stand in opposition to the racist scum who seem to be so pervasive in that scenic, rural Arkansas area.   May the good guys remain strong and unwavering in their attempts to keep the racist haters in check!

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