Saturday, December 17, 2016

Lordy, Lordy, Molly's Forty!

by Pa Rock
The Ancient One

Today my middle child, Molly Macy Files, hits the big four-oh!  It's been four full decades since I raced into the delivery room at what was then the new Freeman Hospital in Joplin - and got there just barely in time to watch the birth of my only daughter.  Forty years, but it seems like little more than forty days.  Time rushes by!

Molly is all grown up now and lives in Oregon with her husband Scott and their three wonderful children: Sebastian, Judah, and Willow.  Pa Rock does not get to see any of them  nearly often enough.

Happy birthday, Molly.  May all of your wishes and dreams come true - and may all of your days be filled with happiness!

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molly. said...

Thank you for this sweet post. :)