Thursday, September 3, 2015

Waiting for the Sunrise

by Pa Rock
Airport Lurker

It is four in the morning, and I am sitting at PDX - the Portland Airport.  I have actually been here an hour already.  The airlines say to get to the airport two hours ahead of your scheduled flight, but for these pre-dawn air excursions, not even the airline employees show up that early.

But I am here now - and checked in.  My flight to Dallas-Ft. Worth leaves in an hour, and I will be on the ground there a little less than two hours before heading out to Kansas City.  It will be so good to get home and start unpacking.

Part of what I will be unpacking will be three packages of dirty clothes and souvenirs that I mailed back from Alaska.  That was a very smart move on my part, leaving me with manageable baggage for the flight home.

Okay, now to find some breakfast!

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