Sunday, September 13, 2015

Of Dropouts and Bookies

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The evacuation of the overcrowded and wobbling GOP clown car finally began this past week as former Texas governor Rick Perry became the first bozo to roll off of the running boards.  That still leaves fifteen or so others to sort themselves out before the actual caucuses and primaries begin next February.

But if the wannabes of either party need help in determining their actual chances of prevailing in the race to the White House, Great Britain's bookies are busy taking bets.  As of a week ago, the British bookies saw Hillary Clinton as the candidate with the strongest chance of winning the race.   They had her at 1.1 to 1, followed by Jeb Bush at 4 to 1, Donald Trump at 8 to 1, and Bernie Sanders at 14 to 1.

The bookmakers also had Jeb Bush leading in the race to capture the Republican nomination at 1.88 to 1, followed by Trump, at 3.5 to 1, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio tied for third at 6 to 1.  On the Democratic ticket, the bookies had Hillary with a tight lead of .25 to 1 followed by Bernie Sanders at 6 to 1, and Joe Biden at 8 to 1.

If the bookies are up to their usual high level of accurate prognostication, and there is no reason to believe that they aren't,  Mrs. Clinton appears to be headed back to her old home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  There is no word yet on the odds of whether she will take Bill along on the move or not.

An article by Martin Rogers (a sports writer) in USA Today last week reported on the odds of the British bookies, noting that "It (the American election process) is a dirty fight, and the Brits are lapping it up."  Rogers quoted one of his bookmaker sources as saying, "America may be bigger and richer, but Britons get a sense of satisfaction from knowing that your politics are even more unproductive, vulgar, and captured by special interest than ours."

It almost sounds as if the bookie is implying that American politics have a stench similar to that of reality television.

Surely not!

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