Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Visit from an Old Friend

by Pa Rock
Gentleman Farmer

Rock's Roost was graced with a visit yesterday from an old friend.  Rosemary Maxam, whom I knew in my undergraduate days at Southwest Missouri State College (now Missouri State University).  She dropped in for a day and an evening.  Rose, who lives and works in the state of Texas, has been visiting her sister and relatives in the Kansas City area, and took that opportunity to come to West Plains to see what all of the farming buzz is about.

I think she found the dogs to be too friendly, and Thor, with his big, muddy paws, never missed an opportunity to jump up on her.  Little Rosie and Riley also managed to make nuisances of themselves for most of the visit.

I gave my friend the standard farm tour and then we went to town and saw the sights there.  One of the places we visited was the old farm house that is featured in Tim's upcoming movie, Tatterdemallion.  We also managed to have meals at T.J.'s Steakhouse and Brenda's Cafe, two of my favorite local eateries.

I don't keep up with many of my old friends from college, but Rosemary does - primarily through Facebook.  It was interesting hearing what so many of those old timers are up to!

Now my company is gone and life is settling back to normal.  This evening will be my first night back at pinochle in nearly a month - and I am looking forward to that!  I feel a double run coming on - or at least double aces!

Safe travels, Rosemary.

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