Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another Lottery Scam

by Pa Rock
Lotto Fiend

The lottery is controlled by crooks, both big and small.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped at the local convenience store to buy an iced tea as well as a Missouri Lotto ticket and a Powerball ticket.  I don't usually invest in Powerball since the price was raised to two dollars a ticket a couple of years ago, but with the current jackpot at $267 million, I decided to take a chance - one chance.

I knew shortly after I got home that I had definitely lost that two dollars.

The store where I bought those two lottery tickets was busy, and I just accepted mine and left - not bothering to look at them until I got home.  Upon examination of the tickets, the Missouri Lotto appeared to be normal, but something struck me as odd about the Powerball ticket.  Missouri puts the amount of the current jackpots on each ticket sold, and the amounts on the Powerball ticket were wrong.  It took a minute to figure out the problem, but I soon realized that the clerk had sold me an old Powerball ticket - one from last Wednesday's drawing - a ticket that had already lost.

Once I had left the store there was no way of proving that it wasn't me who had switched the ticket - so I took my loss gracefully.  This morning I returned to the same store where I was waited on by the same clerk.  I again purchased a Missouri Lotto and a Powerball ticket - and then I held up the line while I carefully examined each ticket.  Hopefully the message was received.

Lottery tickets should be checked at the point of purchase.  For an expenditure of $2.00, a person ought to have at least one chance in 179 million of winning the big jackpot.  Anything less is criminal!

(Note:  New York Lottery officials recently changed the rules on Powerball effective this October 7th.  They have added numbers to the main group and lessened numbers in the small group.  It will become slightly easier to win smaller prizes - but the odds of winning the big Kahuna will jump to one in 292 million.  Bastards!)

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