Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spaceship Earth Sails On, but for How Long?

by Pa Rock

The Earth, our little mud ball of a spaceship, has been hurtling through the universe for billions of years, cooling and evolving, forming oceans and continents, and giving rise to multitudinous forms of life.  And for the most part, Earth has done well - that is until the very recent advent of man.  The once majestic and abundant home for all has fallen under the control of man - particularly European man - and now harbors a greedy few who try to control all of the Earth's resources to the detriment of the many.

How many obscene fortunes have been made off of oil, gas, coal, furs, fish, jewels, lumber, and even the land itself.   Water is also becoming a scarce and valuable commodity in some areas, and many urban communities are on the verge of being uninhabitable because of worsening air quality.   All for the profit of the few.  It's not about sharing in the bounty of the Earth anymore, its about greed and the obscene stockpiling of wealth.

Today is Earth Day, a very good time to reflect on what we are doing to our mud ball, and how we must change if the family of man is to survive.  Earth Day was a hippie-generated observance launched in 1970 to celebrate and focus on our environment.   The celebration of Earth Day takes many forms from picking up trash to planting trees.  It is a call to action to stem the tide of environmental damage and neglect.

Living on a small farm it is easy for me to feel that I am doing work to advance the habitability of our planet.  This week alone I have mowed the yard, planted a flower bed and a large planter, picked up trash and aluminum cans along the roadway, moved and spread chicken manure, and provided a clean, warm, and safe home to 22 baby chicks who will eat bugs, lay eggs, and fertilize the yard for years to come.

I can take care of my tiny piece of the planet, and will leave it as well as I found it.

Now if the Fortune 500 would do the same, dirty air might disappear, clean water might flourish, and the things which Earth provides so freely might be shared and enjoyed by all.  If not, and if the rampaging madness of mankind prevails and destroys the Earth, we will have destroyed us all.

What a sad legacy that would be.

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