Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ready for Change

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I'll admit it:  I'm not ready for Hillary.  Come November of 2016 when I am forced to choose between the inevitable Hillary and whatever dangerous and greedy white male moron the Republicans have placed on the ballot, I will more than likely suck up my pride and vote for her - but right now, at this moment, I am not ready for Hillary.

Sadly, the Obama respite between America's obsession with the Clinton's and the Bush's is coming to an end, and the country is preparing for the resumption of reality television out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

While Jeb Bush is not a shoe-in (yet) for the Republican nomination,  Hillary Clinton is definitely trying to appear as though she has the Democratic nomination hogtied, nailed down, and in the bag.  After her announcement this weekend on social media, my email was clogged with messages from party bigwigs begging me to send money and sign petitions in support of Hillary.  The sheer number of pleas indicated that without a doubt Hillary has the nomination completely secured.  Resistance would be futile.

America has a long history of political dynasties - proud families like the Adams', Roosevelt's and Kennedy's  - people who made significant sacrifices in their personal lives simply to be of service to others in the betterment of mankind.   But today's dynasties have morphed into something far less noble.  Now the objectives seem to be personal financial growth for those in power and the betterment of the already well-off.  To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, we have known Adams', Roosevelt's, and Kennedy's - and the Bush's and Clinton's aren't them.

The Democratic convention has not been held and the nominee has not been chosen - despite what those groveling sycophants who crank out email for Hillary would have us all believe.  There is still time to calmly lead old Hillary out to pasture and bring a new horse to the starting gate.  There are more than two families fit to lead this great nation.

Elizabeth Warren, maybe it's time you stepped forward and answered the call.

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Xobekim said...

In 2008 I wasn't ready for Hillary. Kansas was a caucus state. Democrats didn't go to the polls they went to caucuses determined by their state senate district. Our site was in Paola and I met persons from Lawrence to Garnett. That's a lot of miles for these folks to travel to have their say so. What I remember is that the vote was close, out of maybe a thousand it came down to just fewer than 5 votes. I also remember that those supporting Hillary were a determined group of blue collar Democrats men and women. Those folks have been waiting patiently, earnestly.

Plus it takes a lot of money and organization to put together a campaign of this magnitude. I've seen the poll numbers and I'd rather have Democratic money spent on the general election than on a divisive quixotic primary campaign; opening us up to losing the White House. I'm ready for Hillary.