Thursday, April 2, 2015

Burpee's Bacon Seed!

by Pa Rock

Most of the email that finds its way to my inbox is political in nature - various candidates wanting me to send cash, or sign an email petition and then send cash.  But there are also a few commercial concerns who forward electronic enticements for me to buy their products.   One business that emails me almost daily is the Burpee Seed Company.  I rarely buy seeds through the mail, but I do read the Burpee ads because I like to keep with with the new varieties of garden crops - and Burpee is a well established leader in the field.

Yesterday morning there was a communication in my inbox from Burpee that caught my eye and drew me in.  The subject line read:  "Brand New!  Burpee's Bacon Seed!"  Whoa!  I thought.  Now there's a vegetable I could get excited about!

I rushed to open the email figuring that one of their botanists had probably developed a bean or a potato with a distinct bacon flavor.  I was more excited than that dog on television who runs around the house looking for the bacon!

But there was no bacon at the end of my chase - only baloney.  It turns out that the "bacon seed" was an April Fool's gag.  I had been pranked, or spanked, or punked, or whatever!

Burpee, I thought we were friends - and then you go and pull a stunt like that.  How rude!

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Xobekim said...

While this is shocking, that it was a prank remains good news for Kosher gardeners.