Sunday, April 26, 2015

Olive Comes to the Roost

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

My granddaughter, Little Olive, and her parents came to the Ozarks yesterday for a brief visit at Rock's Roost.  The day was warm and we had a lot of fun exploring the farm.  Olive got to see my new baby chicks and even went into the Peacock Palace.   The peacocks, who always gather around me expecting food of some sort or another, were surprisingly shy around my company.

Last night Olive's Uncle Nick and Aunt Christy came over and we all had a nice cookout in the backyard.  Rosie was beside herself running around looking for dropped food!

Tim brought me something called a "Roku" which attached to my television and is now providing me with some excellent movies, television, and music selections.  It is astounding how many good alternatives to cable and satellite are available.  I have learned so much since banishing Direct TV from my home!

Our company left early this morning and are now on the road to Kansas City.  Rosie and I miss them already!

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