Friday, March 13, 2015

Threat of Snow Pushes McCain to Sign with #47Traitors

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The New York Daily News didn't mince words.  The newspaper used big, thick letters on its front page to denounce the forty-seven Republican senators who signed "An Open Letter to the Islamic Republic of Iran" as "TRAITORS."  A bold assertion in very bold print!  The most popular Twitter hashtag for the group is #47Traitors.

The letter, an egregious effort to undermine President Obama's sensitive nuclear negotiations with Iran, was drafted by freshman Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, an aspiring politician with only two months of experience in the Senate.   (Some news sources point to campaign contributions that Cotton received from the defense industry and a pro-Israeli lobby as perhaps playing a role in stoking his desire to interfere with the Middle East peace process, and at least one other outlet has hypothesized an ambition on Cotton's part to be the Secretary of Defense in a Jeb Bush administration.)

But Tom Cotton is new at his job, and a bit of over zealousness is perhaps to be expected.

Cotton's letter warned Iran, in part, that Obama would leave office in 2017, but that senators are elected for six-year terms, and most of the signers of the letter could be around for "decades."  Sadly, that part is true.

One of the signers who already has been taking up space in the Senate for decades is John McCain of Arizona.  McCain, a feisty little firecracker who is known for being impulsive (his Sarah Palin selection, for instance), quickly signed Cotton's letter but later, after a lot of national blowback in which words like "traitors" were bandied about, had second thoughts about his hasty decision to climb aboard the noisy little bandwagon.  McCain, in hindsight, said that he, and perhaps others, had rushed to sign the letter because they were in a hurry to get out of Washington, DC, before a forecast snowstorm struck the city.

Johnny Mac, signing a letter with the potential of disrupting U.S. foreign policy solely due to the threat of a snowstorm is most certainly the epitome of good governance - at least good Republican governance!  Tom Cotton may have not matured into his role as a senator yet, but,you, sir, have been roaming the halls of Congress and the Sunday talk shows for a very long time - long enough to know who's who and what's what - and how things should work - according to the Constitution of the United States.

John McCain, you should be ashamed of yourself.  You really should.   Maybe it's time that you gave some serious consideration to a quiet retirement out at the ranch out in Sedona where you can spend your golden years chasing Gila monsters and watching sunsets.

And while you're packing for that final trip home, remember to take Lindsey with you!

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