Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The End of Lousy Service?

by Pa Rock
Couch Spud

As the few who follow my musings know, I ended my relationship with Direct TV more than a month ago and have since been finding my way along the wasteland of television detritus through other options.  I am currently watching programs on Hulu and DVD, and am looking into getting one of those streaming devices.

(Direct TV owed me money when we split, but this week they sent along a pre-paid Visa card in settlement, and now I feel as though a judge has banged a gavel and our divorce is complete!)

I just read on the Internet that Apple plans to start a web-based subscription television service this fall.  It will be offering around 25 channels, and unlike the big cable and satellite providers, most of Apple's channels will probably be ones that people actually like.

The Wall Street Journal article where I found this information stated some interesting facts about the popularity of certain corporations with the public.  It said, for instance, that Apple ranks in the top ten companies of more than thirteen hundred rated by YouGov's BrandIndex - and that all of the cable companies were ranked in the bottom ten percent of the same survey.   Clearly a company as popular as Apple would be in a strong position to make a major competitive move against the giant television service providers - which are at the other end of the popularity spectrum from Apple.

Jan Dawson, an independent telecom analyst, had this to say about Apple's upcoming entry into the subscription television market:

"If nothing else, it should put some pressure on traditional pay TV players and get them to up their games.  Most of them don't have much competition today, and as a result they have high prices, poor customer service, lousy interfaces, and complex offerings."

Yup, that's the way I remember Direct TV.  Bring it on Apple - America needs you!

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