Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ted Cruz: The Anti-Immigration Immigrant

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Standard-issue Republicans, the ones with tea bags dangling from their tin foil hats, are not overly fond of immigrants.  In fact, it's probably more than fair to postulate that many Republicans fear and hate newcomers to the land of the free - particularly those that cross in from the southern border.  They (the GOP knuckle-draggers) terrorize buses of youngsters from Central America, and they stand back offering righteous approval as their tattooed and toothless minions patrol the border and confront defenseless wanderers without any legal authorization to do so.

And painting President Obama as some sort of illegal immigrant power-usurper has become a staple in the pantry of the Republican Party.

But those same Republican moralists and racial purists miraculously seem to be able to turn off their hostility to the foreign-born when it suits them.    Former Michigan governor George Romney was born in Mexico.  His father had moved there so that he could practice polygamy.  Romney didn't get the nomination in 1968, but no one in the hierarchy of the Republican party questioned his citizenship or his right to run.

John McCain was born in Panama, admittedly to American parents - but Johnny Mac is a product of Panama nonetheless.  Jeb Bush's wife, Columba, is Mexican, but the location of her birth has no relevance on the political careers of her husband or son - not should it.  But still, it is somewhat remarkable that the God-fearing defenders of anglo-America haven't made it an issue.

And now we have Ted Cruz, the first Republican to throw his hat into the 2016 presidential ring.  Calgary Ted was infamously born in Canada to a Cuban father and an ex-pat American mother. While some on the left may try to have fun with Ted's family history and situation, the Republican Party welcomes him with open arms.  There is not talk among the GOP faithful of the need to produce a birth certificate - short or long form - as has been the hue and cry for eight years with Barack Obama, and Joe Arpaio is not gearing up to send deputies on a paid holiday to Canada to investigate Teddy's birth.

Ted Cruz is okay, you see.  He is against those damned immigrants!

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Anonymous said...

Oh that Ted. I suspect he's just there for the attention. I can't see him actually winning, even in the primary. - Keith Buehler