Thursday, March 19, 2015

North by Northwest

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

This morning, well before daylight, I was out getting chicken chores done so that the birds would find things to their liking when they awoke later and began their daily routine of hunting and pecking across the farmscape.  As I was stumbling around in the dark I started coming across large plops of manure.  If these are from a dog, I thought,  he's bigger than I want to mess with.  Turns out that the neighbor's cows had escaped during the night and had themselves a walkabout across Rock's Roost.    While the big bovine consumed some of the chickens' feed, they more than paid their bill with a substantial deposits of nature's finest fertilizer.

Rosie and I hit the road at daybreak, and, after a quick stop at Sonic, we headed out  to Springfield where we connected with Grandson Boone who joined us on our road trip.  From Springfield it was north by northwest to the Kansas City area.  This evening finds us safely at Tim and Erin and Olive's house in Roeland Park, Kansas.   We made a couple of egg deliveries since arriving and have now settled in for the evening.

Tomorrow's highlight will be a theatre outing for Tim, Boone, and me.  We have opening night tickets to see the Kansas City Repertory Theatre's production of "Hair."

Let the sunshine in!

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