Tuesday, September 9, 2014


by Pa Rock
Owned by a Chihuahua

My new Chihuahua puppy finally has a name.  It's "Rosebud" - "Rosie" for short.

Granddaughter Olive suggested "Rosie," and I liked it.  I had been searching for a name with a bit of Hispanic flair, and after hearing "Rosie" I thought of the beautiful Rosie Perez - who turned fifty last week!  Rosie Perez's birth name was "Rosa Maria," which would make a nice formal name for my little doggie.  "Rosie" also connects well to Rosita (my son's favorite Mexican restaurant in San Antonio), Rosalie, and Rosemaria.

So I had "Rosie," but still wanted a stronger Hispanic tie.  Then I overheard my oldest son calling her "Rosebud," and I thought how perfect!  Orson Wells undoubtedly wet his whistle in more than a few Mexican cantinas!

And the best part is that Rosie likes her new name - almost as much as she likes to munch on all three varieties of chicken poop:  dry, decaying, and warm and moist!

And it is so easy to say:  "Rosie, spit that out!"

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