Thursday, September 11, 2014

Motoring Across Missouri

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

It rained hard last night while I was at the local Senior Center playing pinochle, and I credit all of that excessive humidity with me having the best night at the tables since I began attending a couple of months ago.  It felt so good to be a consistent winner for a change.

This morning's report was that parts of the West Plains area received three to five inches of rain during the night.  I heard the occasional downpour throughout the night along with the sporadic rumble of thunder.  All of that made for a wonderful evening of slumber.

Now that I have left Arizona, I hear that it has begun raining in the Valley of Hell.   The baked ground out there doesn't allow for any absorption, so even a slight amount of rain causes problems.  When they get the rare deluge, it is followed by many of the streets flooding.  As always, I blame Arpaio!

I drove to Kansas City this morning.  It was the first long road trip for little Rosie, and she spent the initial two hundred miles napping under the passenger seat of my jalopy.  Rosie is a big hit in the Tim Macy household, and she loves Olive!   Tim and Erin's cat, Mr. Furley, can't decide whether to play with Rosie - or eat her.  Fortunately, Furley has roamed off upstairs for another nap!

Tim and I are going to see the KC Rep production of "Our Town" tonight at UMKC.  He and I were both in a Crowder College production of that play a couple of decades ago.  I saw a performance of "Our Town" a two years ago in Phoenix and was disappointed - but I am hopeful that tonight's show will be a stellar production.

One nice benefit of the long drive to Kansas City - where everything remains up-to-date - is that I get to make a rare pilgrimage to Costco.   Today I came away with a nice, and much needed, pair of what we used to call "tennis shoes" - for just $16.95!  Now I'm kicking myself for not buying a second pair.   (The pair currently on my feet have just been demoted to lawn mowing shoes!)

I will be spending tomorrow with two of my very best friends from college (in the 1960's - which puts us in our sixties!) -  and then heading home on Saturday.

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