Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rep. Lamborn Flexes His Mouth

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a cesspool of right-wing extremists and loud-mouthed Christian fundamentalists who think they manage God's home office.  It is also a vortex of the military-industrial complex with several bases and the United States Air Force Academy (which has devolved into an over-rated Bible college) located nearby - as well as a host of hungry and greedy military contractors - companies whose lobbying budgets are in a position to nourish much of the extremism that pounds through the veins of the community and much of its local citizenry.  The presence of the military bases also makes for a sizable array of pawn shops, bars, gun emporiums, sex shops, bargain-priced loving, and other businesses that cater to the young men and women of the Armed Forces who are away from home for the first time and have cash to spend.

With all of that going against Colorado Springs, it stands to reason that the community probably would not be sending a raging intellectual to Congress - and it hasn't.  The current congressman, Doug Lamborn, made news this week when he told a small gathering (fifty people or so) in a "bar basement" that he and other congressmen have been talking to active duty U.S. generals and encouraging them to resign from the service if they disagree with President Obama's foreign policy.  And he does not want the generals to step down quietly.  Lamborn wants them to publicly state their reasons for resigning and go out in a "blaze of glory."

Glory to Doug, no doubt, in the highest.

Oddly enough, no generals have yet rushed forward to do the congressman's bidding.   They apparently like their paychecks and their jobs well enough to tolerate the leadership of a Commander-in-Chief who has been elected not once, but twice, by solid majorities of American voters.

If Congressman Lamborn is looking for a sacrificial lamb, someone to draw headlines by quitting a good job in a "blaze of glory" over an irrational dislike of the President, perhaps he should resign from Congress and then scamper on over to Fox News where he can whine ad nauseam about how awful President Obama is.  Fox might even pair him with former (defeated) congressman and forced military retiree, Allen West,  to disparage the President in tandem.

Maybe Joe "you lie" Wilson could also quit Congress in a "blaze of glory" and join them!

And if any current generals accept Lamborn's suggestion to resign, it shouldn't take Defense Secretary Hagel and the Obama administration too long to replace them.

Every house should be cleaned occasionally.

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