Friday, September 12, 2014

Old Friends

by Pa Rock

The primary objective today was to hook up with two of my best friends from college.  Rosemary, Mike, and I all ran around together at Southwest Missouri State College in the 1960's.

(Before we graduated, the name of the school was upgraded to Southwest Missouri State University.  It is now known as Missouri State University.)

I met Rosemary when I dated (and later married) her roommate.  Mike was a new freshman who lived on my hall the year that I was a Resident Assistant (RA) in the old Men's Residence Hall - which was subsequently renamed Freudenberger Hall.  Those two, and a squad of others - many of whom we talked about today - comprised a group of some of the best friends that I ever had or ever will have.

Rosemary, who now lives in Texas, met me at Tim and Erin's house early this afternoon, and together we drove to Mike's house in Merriam, Kansas.  The three of us then drove around parts of Kansas and Missouri searching for a place to have a late lunch.    We wound up at a vintage barbecue joint in the Rosedale section of Kansas City, Kansas.   The food was good, the conversation better.  It had been about a quarter of a century since I last saw Rosemary, and a little longer since Mike and I last encountered each other - so the conversation never lagged!

I also had contact with a third old friend today.  Valerie, whom I knew in Arizona and on Okinawa, telephoned from Rammstein, Germany, where she now lives and works.   Valerie's life is always interesting,` and I thoroughly enjoy our occasional telephone visits.

Friends are important, a necessary and rewarding part of life - and old friends are the best.  Mine are treasures!

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