Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rockin' on Down the Road!

by Pa Rock
Traveling Fool

I rented a little Ford Focus from Enterprise this morning in Kansas City, Kansas, and had a pleasant drive to West Plains, Missouri.  The car is so small that I hit my head any time I enter or exit, but Enterprise swears that it is an "intermediate" sized car.  God help whichever of Snow White's dwarfs get one of their small cars!

But, all bitching aside, this car has the coolest feature that I have ever encountered in a rental - satellite radio!  Tim spent some time finding NPR for me, but I said to hell with that, I want to listen to the oldies.  I listened to over three hours of sixties music on the ride down through Missouri, and sang along to almost every song.  The time just flew by!

The satellite provider was Sirius, which my dad used to pronounce "Cyrus."  He bought stock in the company and it did well for awhile, but then suddenly the price dropped and he lost money.  The price went south about the time that Sirius brought Howard Stern on board for millions of dollars.  That infuriated Dad who always said that things went to hell when Sirius hired "that knucklehead!"

But, all knuckleheads aside, I really, really like satellite radio and may have to invest in the service when I get to the farm in West Plains.  I would like to have it in my house and hooked to a couple of outdoor speakers to entertain me while I work.

Grandson Boone and I stopped by the farm this afternoon.  I hadn't been out there since my initial visit in the summer.  I'm happy that I bought the place, but there is so much to be done once I get there - indoors and out.  My first year will entail lots of extremely hard work - and the years following will be just ordinary hard work!

Dinner out later tonight, back to the farm tomorrow to begin some serious planning.  Why do I have to go back to Arizona?

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