Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lindsey Graham Is Beginning to Get Tiresome

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, John McCain's better half, has one overriding, all-consuming goal in life - his 2014 re-election to the cushy life.   Graham, once a fairly centrist member of the Republican Party, has seen what can happen when one overlooks or misunderestimates the terrifying power of the right-wing of his party - those people who make noise and show up to vote in primaries.    He has seen it, and he cowers before it.

Today Senator Graham was on the Sunday talk shows demanding that the administration come clean or Benghazi - remember Benghazi?  He and his legislative co-conspirators want to have survivors of Benghazi hauled before Congress so that they (the legislators) can fish for scandalous tidbits.  As a noise factor, Benghazi is a twofer for the tea-baggers - the people that Graham wants desperately to impress.  Many of those miscreants are hopeful that it will eventually tarnish the Obama administration - and any really juicy discoveries could also help to derail the presidential ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  They can't let Benghazi die because it has just too much potential for Fox News soundbites.

Graham's trump card in the demand for more Benghazi information is that he is threatening to put a hold on the nomination of Janet Yellin to be head of the Federal Reserve - and that particular threat is also a twofer.  It is designed to force the President and the State Department to hopefully inflict some self-harm, and Ms. Yellin is female - and taking a stand that might keep a woman out of a position of power is psychological Viagra to the conservative old white men whose support is critical to Graham's election.

Just this past week CBS News issued an apology over a report that it ran on Benghazi - a report centered on the account of an eye-witness.  It turns out that the eye-witness had given a different account to the FBI.  One has to wonder what he will tell Congress when Graham finally coerces him into testifying.  Will it be Benghazi Version 3.0?

Senator Graham, in his powerful push to be seen as a right-wing moron, has also recently taken up sponsorship of the 20-week ban on abortions.  Another twofer - an obvious nod to America's hate-fueled evangelicals, and another swipe at females who can't be trusted to make decisions regarding their own bodies.

Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey!   You are really getting tiresome.  Kiss up to those rednecks till your lips turn to sandpaper, but know this:  even a redneck can spot a phony!  Your time on the world stage is drawing to a close.  It's time to take your bows and head out on a junket.  Johnny Mac will meet you at the airport!

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