Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Arpaio's Wish List

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

America’s most egotistical sheriff, Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, recently said in a radio interview that he would like to have one or two small drones (briefcase-sized) to combat dope peddlers and conduct search and rescue missions.  It wouldn’t be the first military-type hardware in the sheriff’s arsenal.   At one time he also had a military tank with the words “Sheriff Arpaio’s War on Drugs”  painted on its side.  Perhaps he still has it.

The tank got Arpaio and actor Steven Segal in a peck of trouble when they used it in March of 2011 to bust a guy who was suspected of raising roosters for cockfights.  Coincidentally, the raid with forty Maricopa County deputies in full battle rattle and a bomb robot, was filmed in anticipation of being aired on Seagal’s television reality show:  Steven Seagal:  Lawman. 

Apparently Seagal rode the tank through the guy’s gate and onto his property, killing over a hundred roosters and an eleven-month-old dog in the process.  Both Arpaio and Seagal have made public claims of being opposed to animal cruelty.

A&E tried to get the victim, a man who said he was raising roosters for show and not for fighting, to sign a release – after the incident.  The outraged homeowner instead chose to file a civil suit asking for $100,000 damages and a written apology from Seagall.  In the suit the homeowner claimed that the raid was part of an Arpaio pattern of “arresting and prosecuting individuals without probable cause solely for the selfish and improper purposes of achieving personal and political gain through publicity.”

Joe Arpaio – a publicity hound?  I’m shocked!

Hey Joe, while you’re airing your Christmas wish list, why not add a couple of tactical nuclear weapons? Think how many chickens you could kill with just one of those!

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