Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thirty-Nine Candles

by Pa Rock
Proud Father

My eldest, Nick, turned thirty-nine today.  He was born on the island of Okinawa in 1973 when I was a mere lad of twenty-five.  A lot of birthdays and important life events have come and gone since then, and all of that time has passed way too quickly.

Nick has grown up into a fine young man.  He works hard and takes care of things in a responsible manner, and even when he is swamped with his own stuff, he always finds time to help his friends.  Nick's greatest achievement, however,  is his success at being a parent.  He has always been completely devoted to Boone (who is now thirteen), and spends lots of time with him hunting, fishing, playing, and having fun.  They are devoted to each other as father and son, and they are also very good friends.  Nick is one of the best parents I have ever known.

Jack Benny, the late comedian, spent about half of his life claiming to be thirty-nine.  I can remember when I couldn't see the humor in that because I felt that thirty-nine was really old.  It's not so old any more!

Happy birthday, Nick!  You always make me proud.


Tim said...

Nick sets the bar for parenting as far as I'm concerned. I look up to him in that respect and try to follow his lead every day.

molly. said...

An awesome parent indeed. He loves that kid to pieces.