Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jane Pitt Pitches a Fit

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I am from the Ozarks and spent many years living in Springfield, Missouri, where I completed the requirements for three college degrees.  I know the city quite well - and was not at all surprised to learn that Brad Pitt's mother recently vented her rabidly conservative spleen in a letter to the editor of Springfield's local rag - The News Leader.

Mama Pitt wanted the world to know that has no love for "Barack Hussein Obama."  (You know they are serious when they throw in the middle name!)

She said, in part:

"Barack Hussein Obama who sat in Jeremiah Wright's church for years, did not hold a ceremony to mark the National Day of Prayer and is a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage."

Ouch!  (Well at least she didn't throw in the Kenya thing!)

Jane Pitt's purpose in writing was to garner support for Mitt Romney by playing on her son's fame.  (If she had been  my mother, nobody would give a rip about what she had to say.)  She went on to note that she has  issues with the "Mormon religion," but described Romney nonetheless as:

"...a family man with high morals and business experience, and is against abortion and shares a Christian conviction concerning homosexuality."  

I don't know where the senior Pitts live now, but back in the day when Brad was attending Kickapoo High School they resided in an exclusive part of Springfield called Southern Hills, a very expensive and very white enclave for people of means.  Some people manage to break out of a stultifying environment like that - young Brad, a supporter of gay rights and a friend of the Obama's, certainly did.  But others see the changing world around them as an expanding threat and tend to set up defenses and circle the wagons.

My own father always had issues regarding race.  As the song goes, everybody has to have somebody to look down on - and for my dad that role could always be filled by black Americans (not the term he would have used.)  Eventually we managed to improve his vocabulary by telling him that we were teaching our children that people who spoke that way were ignorant.  But his underlying resentment of black people, especially successful ones, never progressed much beyond the 1950's.  He lived long enough to see Barack Obama elected President, and had a definite sense that the world had moved well beyond his grasp.

I'm sure that Jane Pitt is a nice lady (in fact I know someone who knows her, and my friend assures me that she is a very nice lady),  but her bitter tirade against the President was drenched in bigotry and intolerance - and that is sad.  She has much that she can learn from her famous son.

My dad even learned a few things from me.

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