Monday, July 16, 2012

Arizona Rising

by Pa Rock
Desert Rat

This was my second full day in the desert, and I am finally starting to get a few things done.  Today I completed most of the intake paperwork for my job, visited the office where I will be working and met the boss and many of my co-workers, rented a car (hallelujah!), opened a bank account, and began looking for a car on-line.  Not bad for a Monday.

I was so rushed getting things done that I literally forgot to be concerned about driving on the right side of the road.  I slipped up about four times, but fortunately Security Forces were off doing other things and nobody seemed to get too excited about the old man driving directly toward them!

Tomorrow I will work at sorting and organizing my office - and get serious about finding a car to buy.  I have also made contact with a realtor and a rental agent and will begin looking at available housing.

It would all be so simple in a moderate climate.

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