Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rush Limbaugh is Still a Big, Fat Idiot!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The military's radio and television arm (Armed Forces Network) controls most of the English television and radio programming on the island of Okinawa, and while they try to appear to play the "fair and balanced" game of running some liberal programming, the majority of the news and opinion that is allowed to make its way through to Americans is decidedly right-wing crap.  One way AFN controls what we see and hear is to put particularly offensive programming on during the times that most people who work on the bases are most likely to be in their cars and listening to radio.

Mornings are generally an exception to that rule.  On a normal day we get NPR during the morning drive, which is a good thing, but this morning it had inexplicably been replaced with beer-swilling country music.

During the lunch hour we are treated to Christine O'Donnell's pocket-moron, Sean Hannity, and the drive home is with the background noise of drug-addled Rush Limbaugh.  The most thrilling parts of my day are when I reach across to the radio controls and turn those two fools off.

But tonight, for reasons even I can't comprehend, I was too enthralled with Rushbag to turn him off.  Although Fat Boy was doing his usual ranting, raving, and yelling, he seemed to be backing down on the notion that Republicans are in a position to bend government to their will for the next two years.  He did seem to be admitting that while the party of Tom Delay and Karl Rove has sworn to repeal the new health care act in total, parts of it are so popular that they will be incorporated into whatever rape-of-the-poor that Republicans offer up as a replacement.  Yes, the Republican version will probably allow for pre-existing conditions (something Rushbag refers to as "welfare") and keeping kids on family policies until they reach the age of twenty-six.  If the bastards would have supported things like that in the first place, it might not have been necessary to pass a comprehensive bill.  So, even if the Republicans are able to pass their own bill, which they won't, their version would be better than what we have had for so long.

Rushbag also conceded that unemployment benefits are likely to be extended because Republicans don't want to be seen as starving the poor in the run up to Christmas.  (Who knows, they might even cave on their efforts to kill the school lunch program too!)

So yes, things are bad, but if Rush Limbaugh sees cracks in the conservative cauldron as his cohorts vainly try to cook up an economy that will feed the rich and keep them fat, then the cracks must really exist.  And who better to recognize a cracked pot than a crackpot!

Al Franken was so right!

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