Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The High Cost of Racism

by  Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

There was an amusing little tale on the Internet today suggesting that the state of Arizona cost itself as much as $775 million due to the racist rhetoric and despicable actions of its public officials.  The cause of this big money shortfall was that many of the states Hispanic residents, not necessarily "documented," felt too intimidated by the gun-toting baboons and hate-riddled politicians who run the state to report their presence to the census takers.  This fearful brown underclass didn't trust the census officials to keep their information confidential.

Unfortunately for the baboons (Arizona office holders and self-appointed vigilantes), the state receives its allocation of federal dollars based on the census count.  Demographers working on the census have determined that 276,062 fewer people were counted in Arizona than what estimates expected.   The federal government provides aid to the states to the tune of just over $2,700 per person - hence the $775 million figure.  That's a big chunk of change for a state that prides itself on low to no taxes.

And when that loss is added to the money that Joe Arpaio costs Maricopa County each year in wrongful death and jail abuse lawsuits, its a miracle that there are any public services at all in the Scorpion State.

It's a good thing that Bristol Palin is bringing a cash influx as she gets settled into her 5-bedroom ASU party house!  How many undocumented workers will it take to pick up the beer cans, do the yard work, and take care of the baby?

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Xobekim said...

This may have cost them another seat in the House of Representatives. It takes somewhere between 650,000 to 750,000 persons(depending on the census count) to create a Congressional District.

The down side is those that did not report do not get state house and senate seats geared towards representing them. In the end everyone, even the baboons, lose.