Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amazon Destroys the True Meaning of Christmas!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist, America's retailer, has sunk to a low that would even shame Wal-Mart.  The book-and-everything-else on-line shopping center has recently placed a patent on software that allows gift-receivers to peek in their presents before they are shipped and decide if they really want what is in box number one, or would they prefer something else altogether.

That's right.  The customer places an order with Amazon for a particular item for a particular person, and his money could end up going toward something totally different.  You order a really sophisticated paint-ball gun for Gramma, and she decides she wants the coffee table edition of the Kama Sutra instead - something the old bag clearly shouldn't have.  So you wind up unknowingly funding her slide into immorality - and - to rub salt in the wound - Amazon sends you a thank you note from Gramma for the paint-ball gun!

That's deception, and it's damned rude!

I put a lot of thought into my Christmas giving, and I don't give a proverbial rat's ass if it's what the recipient wants or not - it's what I want to give that person.  There is a proper way to get rid of unwanted gifts - it's called "re-gifting."  That, boys and girls, is what Jesus would do!

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BK in MO said...

OMG, you are such a stuffed shirt. Get over it! What do you care if Gramma wants a Kama Sutra?
I don't see that it is anything to get steamed about. Also, it seems rather nice that would be so accommodating. What if Gramma already has a paint ball gun and wants to get something else instead? I think regifting is ruder.