Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sharron Angle and the Militant Terrorist Situation

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Sharron Angle, the vacuous, fundamentalist joke that Nevada is trying to foist on the nation, appears to be taking a page from the Karl Rove campaign playbook.  The simpleton politician doesn’t seem to be able to utter a coherent sentence without revealing her shallowness on the issues and her religious intolerance.  

So just what is Ms. Angle’s campaign strategy?  It’s simple – obviously!  The Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate actively hides from the press – even to the point of physically running from reporters.  She tries to address only groups who share her paranoid delusions.

Unfortunately for the senator wannabe, the occasional scoundrel slips into her events and reports on the wackiness.  That happened when Ms. Angle met with a tea party group (what else?) in late September and was asked about Muslims wanting to take over America or, at the very least, an American city.  She replied that it was a “militant terrorist situation” and that Frankford, Texas, and Dearborn, Michigan, are currently being controlled by Sharia (Islamic) law. 

What Ms. Angle did not know was that some infidel had slipped a tape recorder into the teabagger event, and that person quickly released a tape of her astoundingly stupid remarks. 

Frankford, Texas, used to be a small town close to Dallas, but the big city swallowed up the small one in 1975.  Frankford, Texas, hasn’t existed for thirty-five years – under Sharia law or anyone else’s!  A person who is trying to appear smart enough to be a United States Senator ought to be able to fact check something as simple as whether or not a city exists. 

Approximately 30% of the population of Dearborn, Michigan, is Muslim.  (And it’s not a crime – yet – to be Muslim and living in the United States!)   The mayor of Dearborn reports that Muslims have lived, worked, and practiced their religion in Dearborn for over 90 years – with no problems in the community.   He says that Dearborn has seven mosques and over 60 Christian churches. 

Dearborn does not seem like the “militant terrorist situation” that Ms. Angle railed about to the rabid right-wingers.  The only militant terrorist situation appears to be Ms. Angle and her army of racist, Islamaphobic, gun-toting morons.  Peaceful co-existence may work in Dearborn,  but out in real America the teabaggers ain’t having it!  They're locked and loaded, and hunkered in their bunkers waiting on the second coming.   And if the Jesus who returns doesn't have the right skin tone - or speaks Arabic - or has a boyfriend, well, there's always those "Second Amendment remedies" that Ms. Angle likes to reference!

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