Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mother Squeezes the Pulp Out of Palin!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist 

My November-December issue of Mother Jones just arrived today.   (It takes a while to reach the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa, and this unique issue was probably perused by several sweaty hands along the way!)

The cover art of this particular issue of Mother is what makes it so appealing.  It is done in the manner of an old style pulp magazine from the early part of the last century. The central focus is on a very large (Amazonian) woman who is clad in white short slip and bra (possibly a halter top) with much more skin being on display than fabric..  The woman, whose knockers are straining for their freedom, is Sarah Palin.  She has just pulled up one suburban home with her bare hand and is bending to reach for another.  The art is as cheesy as it is titillating.  (I am thankful that my copy did not arrive with the pages stuck together!)

The bold headline of this cover of Mother Jones is "ATTACK on the Middle Class!"  One sub-header is "A confused and frightened citizenry votes against its own self-interest."  The other minor headline states:  "They say they're taking back America, but really they're taking your money!!!"  Bold lettering, bright colors, frightening realities - just like those pulp covers from yesteryear!

I will get around to reading the article in a day or so, but right now I am totally fixated on Sarah's enhanced mammaries.    This cover is so great that I am going to have it framed - my place could use some fine art!

Thanks, Mother.  You done good!

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Xobekim said...

Go to Mother Jones on line and click on the Palin cartoon to see Mamma Grizzly in action, its a video!