Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's Poetry: "Of Politics"

by Pa Rock
Poetry Appreciator

I'm trying to take a break from politics because the sarcasm and cynicism is wearing me down.  (It takes lots of energy to be both sarcastic and cynical day after day!)  So, in order to give my frazzled brain a bit of respite, I opted to use a Monday poem - and, miracle of miracles - I found one dealing with the sarcasm and cynicism of politics.  Enjoy!

Of Politics
by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Of campaign trails
They all sound great
And in the debates everyone captivates
But those who vote
Are provoked by them
Knowing that whoever wins
It's back to an elite agenda
With that as a priority once again.

Those who know
Their lifestyles waine
Realize their lives remain
Stagnant with nothing changed
As the entertainment
Of politics
Stays the same as usual
And shamelessly blatant.

I am in one of my cynical moods, and languishing there less than two weeks before an election that could send a couple of dirty dozens of lunatics to Congress, I see Mr. Pertillar as being particularly prescient..

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