Tuesday, February 17, 2009

National Dialogue Refreshed

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Barack Obama has been our President for less than a month, yet in that brief time the national dialogue has changed dramatically. Suddenly we are talking about closing Gitmo, conducting research with human stem cells, getting serious with alternative energy concepts, and preserving public lands and resources for use by future generations.

NBC News this evening discussed smart grid technology, magnetic-levitation (mag-lev) trains, and the importance of childhood immunizations. A big portion of the program was dedicated to science and energy - and it was real science, without being censored by Bush flunkies - and it was an energy discussion of something other than oil!

This morning the "internets" were ablaze with a statement from Bristol Palin, Sarah's child who recently became a mother. Miss Palin said it was unrealistic to expect young people to abstain from having sex! In just a few simple spoken words, Bristol proved herself to be smarter than her mother, or at least more honest.

It's almost like we have awakened in a parallel universe. For years we have suffered under the yoke of official ignorance, listening to twaddle that even average junior high students recognized as nonsense: creationism, racism, homophobia, and all manner of hate and insult being processed and passed off as our own unique national diatribe. Now the dark ages have been rolled back and we are once again living on the cutting edge of great potential. Thinking is no longer the problem - it has become the expectation!

It is as though the 21st Century has finally arrived!

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