Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let 'Em Bray!

by Pa Rock
Pissed-Off Populist

Every Republican member of the House of Representatives voted against the stimulus bill yesterday - for the second time. Remember that - and when we're all selling apples on street corners and living in cardboard boxes, we'll know who to thank!

One wonders just how many snakes have to bite President Obama before he realizes that the top item on the Republican agenda is his complete and total failure. These bottom feeders are only interested in tax cuts for the wealthy and meeting their own immediate needs. The rest of the country can go to hell in a hand basket!

Well, it's high time the President jettisoned these leaches and went to work for the people who elected him - the poor and the real middle class. No more Mister Nice Guy! Show the slugs what it's like to truly be on the outside looking in!

House Minority Leader John Boehner seemed to be bordering on tears as he threw the bill to the floor and wailed that there was no stimulus to it - it was all spending! Boehner's, and indeed the Republican Party's, idea of economic stimulus is that it can only be achieved by tax cuts for businesses and the "middle class," a group they see as making in excess of $200,000 a year. (Guess where that puts you and me?) That fiscal irresponsibility got us into this mess and has not worked for the past eight years, but maybe it will magically turn around the economy now. Don't hold your breath!

Mark Sanford, the Republican Governor of South Carolina, also got a little overly dramatic this week blubbering about the stimulus package putting enormous debt on our children and grandchildren. I am sympathetic to that claim. Our children and grandchildren appear doomed to pay all of our bills. But two questions, Mark: What type of lives are they likely to lead if we sit back and do nothing? And, where was your fiscal outrage when George Bush was destroying the economy with his ego-maniacal war?

Back in the Ozarks we have a word to describe these self-serving loudmouths - jackasses! The Republican motto seems to have become "Let us bray!"


xobekim said...
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Dawn said...

Au contraire...the only brayers are the ones who were screaming about the deficit that was being passed down to our kids back during the Clinton era..who are now strangely silent now that the bill has double-quadrupled...and for what? Just political pay backs and the most pork EVER!! to be jammed through..There's nothing "stimulous" about this pork's the beginning of the end of the free market, which was the one and only thing that made America rise above the rest...but then the ASSES never have been able to figure that one out... bray away...

xobekim said...

The problem, as the Tax Cut & Spend Obstructionist Republican propaganda machine is spewing in overload, is not spending.

If we permit the downward spiral to continue, our children's children's children may never see the light of day. Why? because greed is the problem, not spending.

These Tax Cut & Spend Obstructionist Republicans took the nation's record budgetary surplus to a record budgetary deficit. They have no standing to continue to tell the spending lie.

These Tax Cut & Spend Obstructionist Republicans managed to shower tax break after tax break on the wealthiest of the wealthy. Those tax policies only clogged wealth at the top and left the burder of carrying the freight to the American working people.

These Tax Cut & Spend Obstructlionist Republicans will get what they deserve in the 2010 elections, a pink slip,

Dawn said...

This is only true if you only have half the facts. Even a child can understand that if you spent 2 trillion more than you're taking're spending way more than you can afford. Greed is not and never has been the real problem here. The only real greed I see are with the ones who want to enslave the weakest among us by deceiving them into thinking that the government tit will always take care of them...they don't have to be responsible or work for a living..just be dependent -- because THAT'S when the government really has all the power you see. Every American should know better than to trust THAT! By the way...the Republican party and Democrat party are equally as corrupt...but I will admit to being a conservative. Doesn't anyone out there think for themselves anymore? Without being led by mainstream media bias... political brainwashing.. I'd love to hear something logical from the other side... and another thing -- SOMEONE has to try to stand in the way of all the outlandish spending that goes on in Washington -- call it obstruction if you want -- NOT ONE good thing can come from all the spending.. try it in your home budget and see what happens. Oh that's right -- you're gonna put it all off until your kids and grandkids can take care of all that debt for you... if you can get through the hyper-inflation it causes in the meantime!!

xobekim said...

First of all let's not confuse nouns with adjectives. The noun is Democratic, the adjective is Democrat. It is the Democratic Party, those people are Democrats.

It is rude & derisive to call my party the Democrat party. If you don't know the difference between nouns and adjectives then you should hope the stimulus bill includes funds for remedial education in your area.

Second it is not the beginning of the end of the free market. Markets that are corrupted by fraud are not free markets. We need fair markets, if markets are not fair then they cannot be free.

Thirdly, the Tax Cut & Spend Obstructionist Republicans propaganda machine calls this a pork laden measure. The truth is that for the spending portion it is being spent by the States and the federal agencies on projects that are "shovel ready."

Putting people back to work is not pork. Putting people back to work is an American priority.

Now if you don't think that greed is the real problem, turn off Fox News and get some good information. If you cannot see that greed underlies the economic crisis then you cannot see the root causes of that crisis.

Those folks who want to be lied to will be lied to. The Tax Cut & Spend Obstructionist Republicans will be glad to keep them in the dark. The other 60+ per cent of us want the truth.

Greed is the problem.

Dawn said...

Well, it's been a nice spar..I just simply disagree with you. Allowing people to keep more of the money they earn is the way to stimulate the economy, and less tax burden will help employers maintain more jobs. You simply cannot spend your way out of debt ...nor does extreme overspending suddenly "create" jobs.. jobs come from employers, not huge government.. Believe me, I am as emotional about this as you are, only from the opposite corner, but I will stop short at insulting your don't need any help with that.. it's a good thing that not all American's believe the same things, that's why government is set up the way it is, lots of checks and balances...and among the people civil discourse is healthy and good for the nation.

xobekim said...

@ Dawn, emotional? Get Real, that is just lame.

You don't get the point. The economy is tanking. People can't keep their money because they are losing their jobs and don't have any money.

If the downward spiral continues, and more banks fail, and more plants close, and more folks lose their jobs, and more folks lose their homes then the pain is going to be so great that the fabric of society may unravel.

Want to talk about taxes? The hidden tax of the Tax Cut & Spend Obstructionist Republicans is the devaluation of the American Dollar.

That happens when the wealthiest of society keep all the wealth to themselves. Greed clogs wealth at the top. Prosperity doesn't trickle down.

The efforts of the Troubled Assets Relief Program and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act may not work.

Doing Nothing will not work.

I'd rather try and save the Republic than let it disolve into anarchy.

I seldom agree with Dick Cheney, but he was right in telling Republican Senators last year that "this is Herbert Hoover time."

Now if you'll take a look at the root of the problem you'll see that the greedy Wall Street and Banking types invented a new way to package deception and fraud so that they could plunder the world's wealth. Those instruments are called C.D.O', or Collaterized Debt Obligations.

Combine that with the SEC not investigating Maddoff and his Ponzi scheme, it makes you wonder what else they missed.

Greed, Greed, Greed, that's what's got us here.

We can do nothing and fail for sure. We can try to put America back to work.

It's like if a loved one had a heart attack and was in the hospital.

The doctors want to give the patient a bolus of lidocaine to control the PVC's, they've got the paddles ready in case te patient starts to fibrillate. Maybe the long term answer is a better diet and exercise. but the emergency treatment is stabilizing the heart.

Look, the laissez-faire economic policies of the Tax Cut & Spend Obstructionists failed. They will always fail in one way or the other. The worst way is they massive catastrophe we have today. The other way is that government has to be eliminated. Even today that's happening in state after state. That's why Republican Governors, the real Republicans, are in favor of the stimulus plan.

Dawn, you came, you demagoged, you lost the debate, and now you want to reach for more talking points.

Like I said, get some better information.

Dawn said...

You're funny..and again, I disagree. Not with the fact that a stimulous is needed, but with HOW that gets done...more blind spending is not the answer..government should get the hell out of the way, cut taxes in mass amounts, and if they really have to bail someone out, direct-to-the people would immediately stimulate the economy. Businesses who take government bailouts instead of making use the bankruptcy laws, are just setting themselves up to have to accept more and more government regulation.. Again, we want the same things, but disagre on how to get there. Yeah, Bush was a HUGE disappointment, but mostly because he just wouldn't stand firm but instead chose to adopt leftist spend-thrift notions, among other things...which resulted in just more of the same ole. Too damn bad for America, but now we're really in trouble!! I hope I'm wrong...for the sake of the country.

xobekim said...

@ Dawn, I agree with you, in that I am funny.

The old saw about letting people keep their money does not apply because people have lost their incomes, their jobs, their homes, their investments, and there isn't anything left on which to give them a tax break.

The only way to let them keep their money is to let them start earning money again.

Here's something from the stimulus package that you won't soon find anywhere else is how NASA is spending their billion dollars.

NASA is not just giving their expensive projects to their tried and true old reliable vendors. No, NASA is opening up the bidding to those businesses, a foundry, factory, or workshop that has had to lay off workers. The American Reinvestment and Reconstruction Act is putting Americans back to work.

And talk about tax cuts! I think you really want people to have more money in their pocket. The stimulus bill does this for everyone except the ubber rich.

Bankruptcy for our largest financial institutions would wreak havoc on the average American. You'd see more social trauma than a society can bear.

Go follow my blog, Today I wrote about H. R. 200 The Helping Families Save Their Homes In Bankruptcy bill. That bill gives the typical American homeowner the same protections under the Bankruptcy Code as the wealthy have had for their luxury yachts, jets, second homes, and investment properties. It is a benefit that family farms have also had.

I don't know if you live near a rural area, I do. Folks who still work their farm need the protection of the Bankruptcy Code because markets are not always fair.

Dawn, the Republic is up in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. We've got to spend these bucks to keep the Republic alive. Times are this bad.

Ten years ago the Congress was considering the consequences of retiring the national debt, not the deficit but the debt. Would that have negative consequences?

We can get back to that debate when the patient has recovered.

Michael S. Box
Osawatomie, Kansas

p.s. My youngest grandson turned two on Feb. 13th. We all have more in common than are differences.