Saturday, February 14, 2009


by Pa Rock
Proud Grampa

Molly sent this update on my 19-month-old grandson, Sebastian, a couple of days ago:

Just wanted to let everyone know ..

Sebastian was playing with my markers and counting to himself, as he often does. He counted one through six! Of course when I asked him to do it again for daddy he wouldn't. He often does things on his terms.. like when he first started walking he wouldn't do it if everyone was watching. But you look away and he had walked across the room! Makes me wonder what else he knows that he isn't ready to share yet! :)


Hey Sebastian,

I received your beautiful homemade valentine in the mail today. I loved it, especially your hand print! It will be in a place of honor on my refrigerator!

I love you!

Pa Rock


Dawn said...

LOL...gotta love it... I have three grands myself. They come to take it... so teach them well.......but they are OH so fun!!! Enjoy, gramps

Phillipia said...

This is the kind of post I love. I tend to get lost easily in the political rambles...thanks for sharing.