Friday, June 13, 2008

Pillage First!

by Pa Rock
Local Commentator

This morning a young man passed me while I was on my way to work. The bumper stickers that his vehicle was sporting caught my attention. On the left side of the bumper was an artsy sticker proclaiming “Co-Exist”, an unusually lefty sentiment for Arizona, while on the right was one advising “Pillage First, then Burn!” Two thoughts regarding this incongruence came to mind: 1. If this individual is the sole operator of the car, then he is diagnosable, probably with bi-polar disorder; or, 2. if he shares the vehicle with a significant other, then they view the world from alarmingly different perspectives.

I wonder what he was thinking about me and my Obama sticker as he zipped around? It’s on the left. Maybe I need to balance it out with a McBush sticker on the right! On second thought, probably not - then I would know for sure that I am diagnosable!

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