Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's Alive!

As my children and the few other stragglers who read Pa Rock's Ramble know, I am also working hard at posting the 242 issues of my old newspaper genealogy column, Rootbound in the Hills. Tonight I completed column #159. During that time I have not selected any "key words" to get the column to appear in the search engines, and assumed that strangers wouldn't be likely to happen upon it. My plan was to finish all of the issues, make a comprehensive index, and get it printed in book form. I didn't really anticipate any interaction from ancestor hunters.

This afternoon I got a comment on issue #76 from a lady in Michigan. She had managed to find one of her ancestors in Rootbound via a search engine. I was surprised (shocked) to get her comment, and she was equally surprised when I replied. (She thought that she had stumbled upon some abandoned work that was gathering cyber dust.)

It's exciting to realize that this body of work isn't a corpse after all!

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