Friday, June 6, 2008


by Pa Rock

It used to be that I posted to this blog every evening. No matter how dull my day had been, I could always come up with something clever (to me at least!) to rattle on about. Recently, I have been lagging.

As mentioned previously, I am working on two blogs. The other is a collection of my old genealogy columns, Rootbound in the Hills. There are 242 columns in that series, each taking approximately and hour to type and correct. I have set a hard pace in order to get that column all up by the end of this year. I do one entry each night, and three each on Saturday and Sunday. That battle of constantly typing and proofing has left me dragging when it comes to Pa Rock's Ramble.

Tonight I passed a milestone when I posted Rootbound #121, the halfway point in that project. With any luck and a good tailwind, I should be able to finish typing the collection into the blog by sometime this fall. Then I will take on the task of sorting back through all of those re-typed columns and indexing for surnames, place locations, and topics. I anticipate that phase will take another several months to complete. The final step will be arranging to have this magnum opus published - and figuring out how to pay for it!

If you would like to look in on the project, it can be found at:

Happy trails!

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