Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Such Thing as a Bad Day

by Pa Rock

Hamilton Jordan, the very young man who crafted the electoral plan that put Jimmy Carter in the White House, battled three different types of cancer over the past twenty years. During that time he worked tirelessly to provide moral support and encouragement to others struggling to overcome the dreaded disease. Jordan liked to tell the story about a visit that he made to a juvenile cancer ward. At one point he stepped to the bedside of a young boy and said, "Hey, kid. Having a bad day?" The boy looked him clearly in the eyes and said, "Mister, there's no such thing as a bad day."

That young man's inspirational rejoinder to Jordan affected him so much that he titled his book about living with cancer No Such Thing as a Bad Day.

Hamilton Jordan lost his two-decade battle with cancer yesterday. His body is dead, but his spirit will live on through the lives of those he touched with love and encouragement to fight for every day.

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