Friday, May 30, 2008

Boone Says Thanks!

Dear Pa Rock,

How are you doing? I have been doing fine. I wanted to thank you for the Christmas present. I like the books you sent me. They are really cool. I think I like the magic one best. Where did you buy them at? They'll help me with my next year's science project. They could last until the 8th grade. They have a lot of science projects in them. Thank you for them.


Dear Boone,

I'm glad that you liked the books. They were for your birthday (May 6th) and not Christmas (December 25th). I guess that when you are a happy nine-year-old everyday is like Christmas!

I found the books at It is a bookstore on the Internet. Your dad can show you how to find it, and any time you come across a book that you really want, just let me know. Pa Rock is a big fan of books - just ask your dad and Uncle Tim!

I know that you had a very clever science fair project last year with the study of how long it took different types of cheeses to mold. I hope that the books I sent can give you some good ideas for next year.

I will be at Pa Garland's July 11th through July 14th. Aunt Molly and Sebastian will be there with me. I hope that we get to see you then.

I love you, buddy.

Pa Rock

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