Wednesday, May 28, 2008

McBush's Pickpocket

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Dear Leader swooped into Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport yesterday aboard his luxurious public transport. He was here to raise money for Arizona's favorite political miscreant, John McBush. The big fundraiser had been planned for the convention center, but it had to be moved when the McBush staff realized that a public setting would allow their candidate to be seen (and photographed) with the President - an image that the Straight Talk Express wanted to avoid at all costs. The event was hastily moved to a private home so that the press could be kept at bay.

Then, inexplicably, the McBushes showed up at Sky Harbor in the evening to see their visiting dignitary off. What followed was a comic ballet of the two hacks shuffling back and forth trying to avoid being captured in the same image. It was really funny stuff!

I have a serious question, though, regarding all of this political silliness. If John McBush is so loved in Arizona in general, and by rich Arizonans in particular, why was it necessary to fly in a professional pickpocket to relieve the suckers of their cash?

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