Tuesday, May 20, 2008

But It's a Dry Heat!

by Pa Rock
Itinerant Weatherman

Yesterday, the 19th of May in the year 2008, the temperature in Goodyear, Arizona, reached 113 degrees! In Phoenix proper the high was a more modest 110 degrees. The record high temperature in Phoenix for the 19th of May had been 105 degrees - and that mark was set last year! Today, in the early afternoon, it was 105 degrees here, and getting hotter! Dear Leader may say there is no such thing as global warming, but he has Crawford crap oozing out of his jug ears. Global warming is the real deal!

Yes, I knew when I moved to the desert that it would be hot. I expected to spend a couple of months each year suffering under the unrelenting sun. Those months that I expected to suffer were July and August. Nobody told me that I would be able to fry steak and eggs on the sidewalk in the middle of spring!

When God, in Her infinite wisdom, made the Valley of the Sun, I think She saw it strictly as being a playground for scorpions and Gila monsters. Surely She could have had no inkling that Man would be so masochistic (or dumb) as to try and live in the foyer of Hell.

I'd bitch some more, but it's too damned hot!


No Rain said...

But...isn't today wonderful? This cooling off is such a relief, even though it's temporary. I heard on the news that we haven't had this dramatic of a temperature swing this time of year in over 100 years! So, I'm going to really enjoy today and tomorrow.
I have a stone hanging on my patio that says,

"So you think it's hot here?
~ God"



Pa Rock's Ramble said...

Today is wonderful! It was cloudy, breezy, and 66 degrees on my drive home from work today!

I may have to get one of those stoens - too funny!