Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Student Activism Thrives in Tucson

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Late last week a freshman showed up stoned at Catalina High School in Tucson. When school officials noticed the young man's incoherent behavior, they searched his backpack and found a substance that resembled marijuana. In accordance with the school's policy, the police were called.

So far, so good. But when the police arrived, things began to get dicey. The police called the boy's parents who, concerned about the welfare of their son, rushed to the school as most good parents would. Then, for reasons known only to them (but racial profiling leaps to mind), the police asked to see the parents' driver's licenses, whereupon they learned that the family had been residing illegally in the United States for the past six years. The police promptly notified the Border Patrol, and the father was deported the following day. This left the mother, the student, and his younger brother little choice but to follow along.

The following morning one hundred students from Catalina High got together and marched five miles to downtown Tucson in a peaceful protest of the treatment received by their classmate and his family. Their action bore results later that day when Tucson Police announced a new policy stating that they would no longer call the Border Patrol to schools or churches.

Kudos to the kids for marching those five hot miles, and kudos to the Tucson Police for respecting the big voice of those young people. Schools and churches are sanctuaries, places of support and comfort for the whole spectrum of society. When those sanctuaries are violated, a basic trust is broken and we are all diminished.

"The most efficient way to solve the immigration issue would be to build a wall around Lou Dobbs." --Pa Rock

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molly said...

That'll teach him to bring his weed to school. Just kidding. That's really horrible! His whole family had to pick up and leave?? God.