Monday, November 19, 2007

Kiss, Kiss - Bang, Bang!

Last week a group of peaceful protesters set up a “No Borders Camp” at the fence that separates Calexico, California, from Mexicali, Mexico. Things went along fine for a few days until the group did something so outrageous that the Border Patrol couldn’t resist lurching into action. No, it wasn’t brick-throwing or even taunts and name-calling. Protestors began kissing their counterparts through the fence!

Some joyful soul came up with the idea of posting a sign on the wire mesh fence that said, “Kissing Booth,” and people quickly lined up on both sides of the border to partake in a little international smooching. Not to be outflanked by this obvious act of disrespect for authority, the Border Patrol responded by shooting pepper spray into the crowd. Several of the happy revelers were injured in the ensuing rush to get away from the spray.

If kissing brought on pepper spray, one can only wonder what would have been the result if some adventurous couple had tried to conceive a baby through the fence. Tactical nukes?

Memo to la Migra: If you can't pucker up, at least try to lighten up! Or, as we used to say in the sixties, "Make love, not war!"

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