Friday, November 30, 2007

Rain, Glorious Rain!

It’s raining! It’s been raining for four hours, and the forecast is that it may rain all night and into tomorrow. The desert is soaked!

Rain is a big deal in the Phoenix area. The radio and television stations have been giving this event coverage similar to what the midwestern news outlets broadcast in anticipation of tornadoes. It’s not just rain, it’s news.

The Phoenix area is a large desert floor surrounded by mountains. It is sometimes referred to as the Valley of the Sun, a carefully crafted understatement that gives a whiff of suntan lotion and volleyball, when a more apt translation would be eggs frying on sun-baked adobe. Last summer the valley had nineteen days of temperatures over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. But today it’s raining!

The city of Phoenix has a couple of weeks each year that natives call “the monsoon” when evening rains will occur. I live out in the western portion of the valley where even the monsoon fears to tread. The monsoon ended months ago, so today’s rain is a true treat. I had forgotten how good rain smells, and the sound of it rattling down on my roof is absolutely mesmerizing!

And, of course, there are traffic alerts all over the area due to accidents. What would my neighbors do if it snowed in the valley? I may find out because this wonderful rain tells me that anything is possible!

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