Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Night's Tale

by Rocky Macy

Momma has a new boyfriend,
His name is Uncle Matt.
He’s really not my uncle,
He just makes me call him that.

I know my momma likes him
Because he’s sleeping in her bed.
It’s good to see her happy,
But I wish she slept with me instead.

My momma works at night
While Matt stays home with me.
He’s usually in his underwear
Watching our TV.

Matt’s videos are nasty,
But he makes me watch them, too.
And when he puts his hands on me,
I don’t know what to do.

Matt’s tells me to keep secrets,
And that what we do is good.
But I want to tell my momma,
I know I really should.

He says that if I tell her,
She’ll know that I’m to blame.
She won’t want me any more
Because I played his game.

I want to tell my momma,
But I’ve got too much to lose.
If she knew what we were doing,
Who would momma choose?

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