Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump's Personal Vietnam

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

While Man-of-God Ted Cruz was busy slinging manure on the eve on the Indiana primary, one of the globs that he hurled at Donald Trump was an accusation that Trump is a "serial philanderer" who had called his long battle with venereal disease his "personal Vietnam."  The implication was that Trump, in addition to being a general sleazeball, had also suffered from venereal disease.

Cruz claimed he was quoting from a 2004 interview that Trump had with radio personality Howard Stern.   Several pesky fact-checkers dug into files and concluded that Trump never said he had a venereal disease.  He was instead talking about his fear of contracting a venereal disease, and at some point said that he went through a period where he had his dates checked ahead of time by his personal physician.

How romantic.

After rambling about his fear of venereal disease and how "dangerous" the dating scene was, Stern responded, "That was your own personal Vietnam, wasn't it?"

The only time Donald Trump ever donned a uniform was during his days at a private boys' academy,  so he probably appreciated the reference to the military.  One man's courageous service in the battle against clap.

Can I have an "amen," Brother Clinton?

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