Friday, May 20, 2016

Roost Work

by Pa Rock
Farmer in Spring

We have had some rain this week, and I have been rushing out to mow between showers.  Right now I am five days into my fourth mow of the season, with at least a couple of hours left to go.  Slogging through the damp grass caused my big riding mower to quit on Wednesday, but once all of the packed vegetation up under the deck got cleared away, it was running again.

Nick and a friend of his have been putting up some much-needed new siding on the old garage that now serves as a chicken coop.  They are painting ti green to match the other garage,  Not only is it more attractive, the building will keep the poultry much warmer in the winter.

The little chicks that arrived while I was in Cuba are doing well.  Their baby feathers are coming in, and a couple are even sporting tail feathers.  Yesterday I watched as two of the little fellows squared off at each other preparing to fight - so it looks as though the lot contains at least a few roosters.   Young roosters are always very entertaining!

The peacocks are still laying eggs and still refusing to sit on them.  I am getting an incubator today and will try to hatch a few with the aid of a machine.  I also have chicken eggs and a few duck eggs for the initial hatch.

Last evening I brought home thirty-six baby guineas.  Should they all survive to adulthood, the Roost will be a riot of noise.  I bought too many, however, with the historical knowledge that few will make it through the first year.  Last year I brought home twenty-eight, and only three now survive.  Guineas can be a bit dim-witted - constantly crossing the country roads and forgetting to jump out of the way of on-coming traffic - and trying to make friends with any predator who happens by.  This is my third year to try guineas, and I will be extra-cautious, but I do know that many won't be around to play in their first birthday cake.

I have set out the beginnings of a container garden.  Finishing that will be next on the priority list - after the lawn is finally all mowed.

And then there is laundry, dishes, house-cleaning, grocery shopping, and the deck needs refinishing, the dog needs washing - and so does the car.  Retirement is such a rush!

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