Sunday, January 25, 2015

Washing the Dog

by Pa Rock
Dog Person

I just read an article on the Internet that would have one believe that there is an art to bathing a dog.   The author of the piece spoke of using several different types of  dog-washing products including a flea soap, shampoo, and conditioner.    He also mentioned using a leash to prevent the canine from running off during the ordeal, and having a dog toy handy for the pup’s pleasure -  as well as cotton balls to keep water out of the doggie’s ears.   Properly drying the dog involved a big fluffy towel and the optional use of a hair dryer placed on a cool setting.  The author did not make a recommendation either way on the use of crème rinses, hair gels, or mood music.

Poor Rosie is obviously deprived.

My little Chihuahua gets bathed once or twice a week, depending on how ripe she has  become since her last washing.   Her bathing consists of me chasing her around the house, grabbing her up, and taking her in the shower with me.   She is scrubbed unmercifully with the same cheap shampoo that I use on myself, thoroughly rinsed under the shower head, towel dried with a dirty towel, and then set free to run about the house drying off and wreaking havoc while Daddy finishes his shower.

By the time I have completed my morning shower, Rosie is usually sitting in front of the kitchen door, tail wagging furiously, begging to be set free onto the lawn where she will chase chickens and squirrels, eat whatever she finds on the ground that smells good  – and roll in the dirt.

It’s a dog’s life – and one that I have to envy – just a little!

(I'm sure glad that the chickens are satisfied with dust baths!)

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