Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rosie's Big Vacation

by Pa Rock
Dog Person

Little Rosie spent the night away from home last night and this morning she is under the veterarian's knife - being spayed.  I will pick her up later this afternoon and bring her home - where I know she will spend the evening being drowsy and grumpy - and probably more than just a little angry at me.

I explained to Rosie before we left the house yesterday afternoon that she was going on vacation.  She's been on vacation before, to northwest Arkansas once and Kansas City on several occasions, but I've always been with her.   Her tail was wagging briskly as we left the house, undoubtedly expecting some fun in the bun - but that all ceased when we pulled into the vet's office parking lot.  She had been there before!

Rosie got the "little dog shakes" while we were getting her in-processed, and a large dog kept howling in the back room which added to her terror.  She didn't know what was happening, but she was pretty sure that whatever it was, it wasn't good - and it definitely was not going to be a vacation!

Finally the receptionist grabbed her up and took her through the swinging doors and into the back room - where that big dog was still howling!

So my house was quiet and lonely last night.  I didn't realize how much companionship that pesky little dog provided until she wasn't here.  I'm sure that Rosie will be glad to come home this afternoon - and I certainly will be glad to have her here.

And the next time I tell Rosie that she is going on vacation, I'd best be seen packing some beach toys!

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